Bible Study Jan. 27th

Today we see a familiar story concerning Joseph, famine, and meeting his brothers as we read from chapters 41 and 42 of Genesis.

Chapter 41

Thirty-year-old Joseph was still in prison when the Pharoah had a dream. There had been a seventeen-year gap since Joseph’s first dream and where he was at this time in his life. He was sitting in prison waiting for the knock on the door to be released. Remember Joseph asked the cup bearer to tell Pharoah what happened in the dream he interpreted for him and the chief baker. The cupbearer forgot to mention this to Pharoah.

Pharoah has a dream that neither he nor the magicians could interpret but God was at work in the bedroom of Pharoah. Seven scrawny cows eating seven healthy cows, seven scrawny ears of corn devouring seven healthy ears. Wise men had no interpretation but the cupbearer is reminded of what happened to him. Pharoah calls for Joseph to come to interpret his dream.

It is God who will give Pharoah a favorable answer was Joseph’s response taking no credit for himself. Joseph interprets the two dreams for the king. He not only interpreted the dream but he told him how to handle it. Pharoah immediately saw that Joseph not only interpreted the dream but showed him a solution he elevated him to second in command over his kingdom.

Famine struck the land as Joseph interpreted the dreams and Joseph instituted his plan from the pit to the palace. Joseph was given fine clothing, a gold chain, and a wife who gives him two sons. Pharoah pulled Joseph out of prison but it was God’s hand guiding him.

Famine came all over the land and Joseph was charged with selling grain to people from every land (41:57). Famine was also in the land of Canaan where Joseph was from.

Chapter 42

As it would go Jacob sends ten of his sons to buy food, keeping the youngest Benjamin at home with him. He had lost one son of his beloved wife Rachel he did not want to lose the other (Benjamin) since Joseph was missing under mysterious circumstances.

The brothers meet Joseph who did not recognize him but he recognized them amazing how God deals in our lives. He accuses them of being spies. He has them thrown into prison, we do not know the real reason behind this but it would ultimately lead to repentance and restoration, God’s goal in our life.

Three days they are imprisoned and while Simeon remains imprisoned the others return to get Benjamin as Joseph has instructed them. He gives them grain and places their silver back in their grain bags unknown to them at the time. When they find it, they immediately believe he will accuse them of spying once again. Fear comes over them.

Jacob refuses to allow Benjamin to leave and even with Rueben swearing that he could kill his two sons if the did not return with Simeon Jacob dug his heels in and did not waiver.  

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