Jan. 26th Bible Study

Reading today from Genesis 38 to 40 is a story of Joseph who went from rags to riches back to rags a second time but for a short time.

Chapter 38

Much of the remaining book of Genesis focuses on Joseph. Judah, his son would ultimately become the son to inherit the blessing of Abraham but at this point he was another conniving son of Jacob. Reading verses in the remainder of the chapter give you insight into the flawed character of Judah. All the things you might read in a novel are found here, but that is life outside a true relationship with Jesus.

Chapter 39

Although a slave Joseph found favor in the sight of God. He was now a successful man in the house of Potiphar and God’s presence was with him.Potiphar did see the good work of Joseph and his work ethic. You could surmise from our reading that Joseph told Potiphar about his God. Potiphar made Joseph rule over his entire house, giving him authority to carry out his duties. We should look at the life of Joseph and give all we have to those we work for doing our very best.

Potiphar’s wife comes into the picture and sees how handsome Joseph is and decides she wants to seduce him which he wanted no part of Joseph had been given the keys of the estate so he had full roam of the property he had everything. Joseph reacts to her advances just the way we should everything but the one thing did not want was the wife of his master.First, he saw the consequences of sin and how it would damage Potiphar. He knew it was not only sin against Potiphar but also sin against God. Potiphar’s wife was relentless in her pursuit of Joseph. Finally setting him up and relaying a lie to her husband. He became furious and had Joseph imprisoned. Joseph’s situation now was even worse than when he arrived in Egypt, he is now imprisoned for something he did not do. But he found favor with the chief jailer.

Chapter 40

In prison Joseph meets two members of the king’s household, his baker, and his chief cup bearer. Both have dreams that need interpretation and Joseph is ready to help these fellows out. He interprets both dreams telling the cupbearer in three days you will be restored to his position but the news is not good to the baker who Joseph tells him in three days he will be hanged. Joseph was a wise man and asked the cupbearer to show him kindness and relay his interpretation to the king. It looked like Joseph was about to get out of jail “Yet the chief cupbearer did not remember Joseph.” (40:23). Victory was missed this time but Joseph continued to trust God.

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